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BANGALORE, India, May 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On May 21, the Common University Entrance Test – Undergraduate (CUET-UG) 2023 kicks off with a record-breaking 14 lakh applicants. The increasing demand for better education and the development of edtech industry are driving a rapid transformation in India’s education system, which also bring changes to the lives of the new generation of Indian educators. 

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Leading edtech companies are playing a crucial role in this transformation. Platforms like Oda Class are moving students from traditional classes to online classes, enabling educators to create more interactive learning environments, and making education more convenient, affordable, and effective for Indian students. During this examination season, Oda Class’s teacher crew shared their stories on this.

Edtech Industry Development Driven by Young Indian Education Practitioners

Teacher Chinmoy shared, “Being able to impact students’ lives across India from my cube is inspiring me to do more.” He added, “We’re always thinking about how to enhance the student learning experience through technology, increase engagement, and improve knowledge retention.”

Oda Class, a young Indian edtech company, provides live online classes for students in grades 1-11 through a dual-teacher model. With over 700 mentors, the company has served more than 7 million Indian students.

Somdutt, a mathematics teacher at Oda Class, understands the challenges faced by students in remote areas. “My father had to borrow money from our relatives to pay for private tutoring, which was essential for me to score well in my college entrance exams,” said Somdutt.

Chinmoy mentioned that the development of the edtech industry has given young people like him the ability to use technology in the classroom, utilize new tools, resources, and opportunities to grow and progress in their careers. This enables them to afford a better life for their families.

Edtech Companies Driving Changes for Teachers and Students

Technology is bridging the education gap in India by personalizing the learning experience through adaptive learning algorithms to meet the individual needs of students. It is providing high-quality educational resources, including video lectures, interactive tools, and online assessments, to students in remote areas. This helps them learn at their own pace, receive instant feedback, and focus on the areas where they need the most help.

“One of my relatives’ children happened to attend my class at Oda Class, and I realized that if I could reach out to a small town in Rajasthan in just a few years, just imagine the impact we could create in the years to come.” Somdutt said.

During exam season, all Oda Class staff are prepared to help students and parents. The content design team prepares exam Q&A sessions and test materials in advance, mentors are ready to answer student questions and provide emotional support, and the tech team is available online to provide assistance.

The industry transformation brought by emerging technologies also provides good starting points for many recent graduates. Roshan Pandey joined Oda Class as a recent graduate and believes that the company will bring amazing changes to India’s education system, not only for students but also for professionals, encouraging young people to compete in a healthy way and improve each other.

As Somdutt would like to tell Indian students: believe in your abilities, talents and potential, have faith in yourself and your dreams, believe that you can achieve anything through hard work and determination. This belief also applies to young Indians who are constantly striving in the education technology industry.

The development of the edtech industry and the growth of Oda Class are making all of this possible.




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